The preschool program offers an age appropriate curriculum with hands-on experiences that help prepare children for their formal school experience. Areas of focus include:

  • self-help skills
  • social and emotional development
  • language
  • large and small motor skills
  • pre-reading
  • pre-math
  • science
  • social studies
  • art

Christian education is an integral part of the curriculum. Our pastors lead chapel for the children twice a month in the sanctuary, and Bible story/Jesus time is part of our daily schedule for every class. We follow Concordia Publishing House’s ONE IN CHRIST curriculum for our Christian Education.

St. Peter’s Lutheran Preschool also believes in the importance of music for our children. Research has shown that music at an early age helps with brain development. The children explore music using vocal play, singing, listening, keeping the beat, imaginative play, movement, and the exploration of rhythm instruments.

Library time is a special time set aside for children to listen to wonderfully written children’s literature and to play with the language in nursery rhymes. Preschool library books are available for check out to take home during this time.

Minds In Motion are activities designed to develop the students’ sensory systems. The program improves vision skills for reading, tracking of digits in math, focusing ability, and sensory and motor integration.

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