Student Life

St. Peter’s Lutheran School serves children from age two through eighth grade through our educational ministry. It is our goal to successfully develop, integrate, and maintain a cohesive preschool through grade eight curriculum and coordinated instructional program which encourages integrated instruction and sets St. Peter’s apart in the community as a leader in the very best Christian education and ministry. This “wholly-integrated instructional ministry” offers numerous benefits for our students and families, including:

A seamless transition for preschool families and students into the early elementary grades

An integration of the Lutheran faith into a developmentally-appropriate and coordinated Biblical education curriculum for preschool through grade eight

A solid intra-school system of communication and solid “team” relationship focus among staff as well as parents and congregation members

Established uniformity in academic standards, assessment, and parent reporting

St. Peter’s is intentional in its efforts to maintain these standards through weekly elementary (k-8) and preschool staff meetings, whole-school on-line weekly newsletters, and through the active work of our preschool and day school boards.


Athletics is a major offering at St. Peter’s, one that can occupy your child virtually from the first day of school to almost the last. Why have such a complete program? Our school’s mission statement tells us that we are attempting to help our children grow in five ways: spiritually, emotionally, intellectually, socially and physically. …

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Kindergarten Curriculum

Reading and Writing (Language Arts)The kindergarten language arts curriculum is built on standards directed toward fostering students’ understanding and working knowledge of foundational reading and writing skills. Kindergartners will learn beginning reading skills relating to letter identification and the alphabetic principle, phonological awareness, phonics and word recognition, concepts of print, reading for meaning, exploring a …

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