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Welcome to our St. Peter’s Lutheran School website. St. Peter’s Lutheran Church and School is one of the oldest Lutheran parishes in Fort Wayne. We were founded in 1855. We are located in growing St. Joe Township where we occupy 41 acres of land on Fort Wayne’s northeast side. Teachers and administrators bring the Word of Christ to more than 200 students on a daily basis.

St. Peter’s is accredited by the National Lutheran Schools Association and the state of Indiana. Academics at St. Peter’s challenge students to achieve their personal best. Mathematics, science, social studies, language arts, and religion are taught at every grade level. St. Peter’s standardized test scores (for grades 3-8) consistently outrank those of the surrounding community schools.

A quality Christ centered educational program is maintained at St. Peter’s in many extracurricular activities as well, including choral music, handbells, and instrumental music, as well as a complete interscholastic sports program for students in grades four through eight.

If you have any more questions, please do not hesitate to contact the school office.

Physical Education

  At St. Peter’s we value the students’ physical education as well as their academic and spiritual instruction. Students meet for P.E. twice per week. Kindergarten and 1st grade students focus on developing coordination and fine motor skills as well as learning how to follow rules of simple games and working as a team. Students in 2nd, …

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Middle School

English Language ArtsThe middle school English Language Arts program is made up of many components. In sixth grade, those components include the study of fiction and nonfiction text, vocabulary, spelling patterns, grammar and writing with the goal of exceeding state standard requirements. Students learn sentence structure and grammar conventions through the Shurley method of English …

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4th Grade

Language Arts Fourth graders learn to connect reading and writing using the writing process. Their published writing includes: animal reports, sports cards, and books that mimic famous authors. Students also learn about sentence structure on a more detailed level. The Accelerated Reader (AR) program is utilized to help students become confident readers and to measure …

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3rd Grade

Reading Third graders read a story each week from their textbook. They learn phonics to help them with the different sounds and rules of language. Students use the Accelerated Reading program which lets them work at their own reading level. They read and take tests which measures their comprehension and the level at which they …

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2nd Grade

Reading Reading in second grade focuses on building vocabulary and gaining fluency and confidence for independent reading. Students explore a variety of comprehension strategies which will help them relate the stories they read to other literature and their own person experience. We use phonics to reinforce decoding skills and help students build tools that enable …

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1st Grade

Language ArtsFirst Graders review all the consonant and vowel sounds. The reading and spelling curriculum is phonetically based. Word attack skills, comprehension, sight words, vocabulary, and fluency are practiced on a daily basis. Accelerated Reader is introduced at the beginning of the second semester. This computer program helps develop reading comprehension. First graders learn how …

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  Reading and Writing (Language Arts) The kindergarten language arts curriculum is built on standards directed toward fostering students’ understanding and working knowledge of foundational reading and writing skills. Kindergartners will learn beginning reading skills relating to letter identification and the alphabetic principle, phonological awareness, phonics and word recognition, concepts of print, reading for meaning, …

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Minds in Motion

At St. Peter’s Lutheran School, grades K – 1 participate in Minds-In-Motion three days each week for 15 minutes each day. The Minds-in-Motion Maze activities have been designed to develop and challenge a student’s balance and learning capabilities. The more the sensory system works together, the more a student can learn, and the easier it …

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Art Collage 1

Visual Art

EXPLORE • IMAGINE • CREATE The Visual Arts Program at St. Peter’s is designed to help students at St. Peter’s develop creative thinking skills and become powerful problem solvers through fun hands-on projects and interactive learning presentations. Artist of the Month is our favorite part of the curriculum. Each month, students explore the life and art of …

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